What are you in the game for?

I’ve had a few interesting conversations in the last few weeks. All of them open up possibility and opportunity – both from a personal and a business point of view.

I had one of those conversations yesterday and it occurred to me – what am I in the game for? Unless you know why you are in the game, you are not going to be able to make the right decisions in relation to the opportunities you take – and the ones you seek.

On the spot, I had to think through my reasons. I’m in the game because:

  1. I want to create wealth and opportunity for my family
  2. I want to create opportunity and value for others
  3. I want to make best use of the skills and knowledge that I have
  4. I want to do work that allows me to live in a way that is good for my health and my relationships
  5. I want to do work that makes a real social impact

It is clear to me that these five reasons are the criteria through which I should be evaluating every opportunity that comes my way. And direct the opportunities that I am seeking for myself and my business.

And also, that I should see opportunity as something to be grateful for – not a burden to be carried!

Why are you in the game?

How does this affect the opportunities you take?

How should it affect the opportunities you seek?

I’d love to hear from you, in the comments below, on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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